Saturday, April 28, 2012

two hearts

my heart
pieced back together
and repaired
over and over
with cheap glue
and weak tape
perhaps a lot like yours
yours is welded
into shape
letting no one inside
get them first
before they get you
we both hurt
we both fear
but for different reasons
your steel beams
and solid concrete walls
exist to try and protect you
from your fear of rejection
and the possibility
of another broken heart
while i am only afraid
that i may never get the chance
to experience true love again
and take that risk
even if it means
patching this old heart up again

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

death wish.

you say
as much as i would like
to be kind
and smile
maybe is no answer
that i can accept
you need to know
this means everything
if it means nothing
and as long or short
as we may believe life to be
it is what it is
i stand here
day in
day out
and even when you push
i remain
you can ask me why
but i will do as i will do
i can only hope you feel
that i am real
because i know that i am
they can ask me
tell me
threaten me
with a loaded gun at my chest
to leave you behind
and forget
but the truth is
the slug would hurt