Monday, June 15, 2015

artificial heart.

my love was lost
on you
because it was real
you loved me at my lowest
because it served you best
but it never lasted
and ever since
my heart is missing
stranded in a foreign city
in whichever state
you have moved on to
and how i live
by whatever artificial means
keeps me breathing
has become my life
karma keeps me nice
because i am too weak
to fight
or perhaps
when there is no heart left
to break
it is easier to be alone
time passes
and memories fade
and the feelings are still there
but there is nothing real
to embrace
it makes me feel sick
and it makes me feel
because i am
it means nothing
because there is no going back
and there is no future
there is no point
and there is nothing left
and i am not the same man
but still...
i listened to the album
and i heard the song
and i dreamt about you
last night
and i woke up
this morning
cursing your name