Friday, May 31, 2013


you are right here
right there
why can't i see you?
my shadow
i can smell you
i can hear you
you're not far at all
are you laughing?
i can't see
you're not that far away
and i'm reaching out
in the wrong direction
just missing you
what is wrong with me?
like a dream
i am drawing you in my mind
are you real?
or just a memory
come to life?
is this your way
of telling me
i'm not good enough?
or is it
just me
telling myself?
i am getting
show yourself
let me see
let me know
could it be true?
has my time passed?
tell me
touch me
do something
before the clock runs out
and it's too late
put out your hand
let me touch you
let me feel you
touching me
i need to know
if you're real
is it

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

fall and withstand.

my name
is nothing more
than an address
are useless
because my eyes
so i try not to look
nothing is as it seems
and we believe
what we choose to
the underground
is dark
i listen
i hear sounds
but the silence
tells me so much more
when it is quiet
i hear my own
it gets cold
and i shiver
thinking of flame
will not work
i need to start a fire
we survive
at any and all cost
we can afford
until we are
even when we want
 to give up
we don't.
we can't.
get back up
catch your breath
do it again

Sunday, May 12, 2013

trauma drama.

we went over the wall
and fell too far
hurling ourselves into
the jagged
ground below
sharp and slick
gave us nothing
but blood
we kissed poison lips
and turned green
with regret
thinking it would kill us
hoping it would be
than later
deafened by the ringing
in our ears
from the things
they are saying
blinded by the glare
of their envy
if they want our scars
they can have them
captured and tortured
no one will read
your death note
chased down and slaughtered
no one will hear mine
we lived
we survived
but we'll never be the same
thank goodness

Saturday, May 4, 2013

inspire me.

you may surprise yourself
what comes out of you
when you least expect it
a little voice
a sharp tone
that's when
it happens
try to hold it
try to keep it
but you gotta
let it go
you gotta
let go
it won't always be
not every time
and sometimes
it's in you
it's inside
filling you
and then
before you know it
you burst
and at that moment
nothing matters
it doesn't matter
who may have seen
who may have heard
you're changed
you've changed
these are the moments
we live for
it's the in-betweens
that make us
and doubt
and make us think
that we may not be living
up to our end
of the bargain
and that time
is our enemy
forget about it
our best
is yet to come
that failure
isn't an option
even when
it becomes
an outcome
stand with me
do what you do
inspire me