Friday, April 22, 2011

i was just wondering...

i was sitting alone...
i do that sometimes...
random thoughts.
disturbing thoughts i'm fighting to overcome...
then i was wondering...
do you know i'm alive?
do you know i am here?
could you be sitting alone like i am?
what are the chances...
i could be on your mind?
it's silly - i know.
but to clear my mind as best i can,
i must let my thoughts roam freely,
selfishly at times,
selflessly at times.
i could put my arms around you
and pull you into myself
and pull myself into you.
if you asked me to - i would never let go.
i would fight to my very last breath,
just to see you smile.
if i can make you smile,
my day is made
my month, my week, my year...
my life...
would gain meaning.
silly - i know... to you...
but to me,
it means everything.
i have given myself away
many times...
and i've been tossed away like garbage,
but i don't care.
when i give myself to you,
i am ready for whatever you may do.
you are free to do what you will.
i can only hope
deep in my heart
that you may embrace me...
but that is just a wish
not an obligation. 
just as you are free to cast me away
i am free to stay beside you...
for as long as i can.