Saturday, March 28, 2015

wet blankets.

unfulfilled and incomplete
it's not the same
because everything changes
and nothing matters
except when we believe it does
and even then
it's never as it seems
and more is forgotten
than we can try to remember
or yesterday
it's an illusion
it seems so real
because we've gotten
used to it
but it still hurts
and we can't figure it out
we never will
because it's not real
chemical reactions
and emotional triggers
destroying us
all in the same
in a blink
of our eyes
but we're blind
and suffocating
we think too much
it's time to admit
and realize
that we aren't
what we think
we are
we simply are
what we are
we don't have to like
the same things
we don't have to believe
the same things
we don't have to look
the same
but we are
we are all the same
chasing down an idea
of happiness
that can never be defined
who's to say
that dreams
aren't a real part
of our lives