Monday, April 21, 2014


please stop me
from saying another
godforsaken word
mute me
if only for a moment
cleanse my breath
let me consider
let me reconsider
your brains are just as
as your beauty is
and i'll tell you
i'm not afraid
but i realize
that your ears may
not quite be
as welcoming
as your smile
give me poison
but please
don't take away
the reason
cleanse my blood
because i don't want you to know
that you have me
biting my tongue off
and hiding my shaking hands
in wet pockets
thank you for
allowing me
to breathe
because i am quickly
forgetting how
i never know
when i've said too much
and there are grounds
in my coffee

Thursday, April 3, 2014

burned in.

all the hand downs
have been handed down
it was once a big house
built by someone
owned by someone else
it was once a beautiful house
to someone
now it's a slum
your story is nothing new
your pain is nothing new
your memories are now stained
by the trauma they caused
you didn't live
you survived
and now
it's all over your face
it's in your eyes
it's in your voice
it's in your love
and in your hate
you are one of many
with details that don't mean
to anyone
but you
sometimes it just feels good
to get it out though
doesn't it
but then again
you wish you didn't say
all the shame
all the regret
all the blame
that you wish would just
go away
and be forgotten
is now on your mind
even more
failed therapy
and you can feel
the minutes
and the days
falling off of you
as you sit in your dwelling
it's been years
so many years
but no
it is tonight