Tuesday, June 21, 2011


who will you turn to
when you are at last ready to admit
that you need help
where will you go
where your tears won't become
a hailstorm
will you claim 
that your beating was unfair
though it will not matter
right or wrong
good or bad
it never matters
and you know it
but still
you will fight
an imaginary foe
new wounds
next to old scars
gained on the same battlefield
on which you raised yourself 
and every adversary
shares your very face
they keep coming
this stubborn Pavlovian experiment
you've cast on yourself
begs you to realize
it's futility
so tell me
now that you've decided
that no one can be trusted
and your full-grown ego tells you
that you are the only one
and that no one could possibly understand...
such arrogance
keeps you well hidden
your fear of being vulnerable
will always win
until you let go
and let yourself

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