Saturday, February 4, 2012

suffer the living pt.1

it's hard
not to hurt
all throughout a life
i've tried
i failed
whether or not i meant to
means nothing
pain is pain
and with all apologies
we all know
forgiving and forgetting
are two very different things
as flawed as i am
as beaten and broken
as i've become
i know
i am not alone at all
and fairness means
things can't always be fair
not always
are two sides of a scale
that can
at times
even out
but not often enough
life is full
of very thin lines
so thin at times
that they seem
and we trip
and we fall
we cannot follow
these lines
no matter how hard
we try
yet so often
we expect
but i am afraid
that is a dream
a wish
a demand
that can never be
i am sorry

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