Tuesday, March 20, 2012

book burning.

i would love to see you
not just breathe
but live
but history has put so much fear
inside of you
"doomed to repeat itself"
but did you ever notice
that those books
are full of hardship
and tragedy
and not much else
and thus
so is your mind
as if
nothing beautiful
has ever happened
as if
everything is
to be dreaded
and feared
that is not true
but it is easy
because that is what we are fed
as far back as we can remember
the events may be true
and yes
they were intense
and at times
why follow the same suit
you are always afraid
and that saddens me
i love you
and i want to see you live
and i want to live
with you
not just for me
but for you
for us
burn the books
out of your mind.

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