Friday, May 31, 2013


you are right here
right there
why can't i see you?
my shadow
i can smell you
i can hear you
you're not far at all
are you laughing?
i can't see
you're not that far away
and i'm reaching out
in the wrong direction
just missing you
what is wrong with me?
like a dream
i am drawing you in my mind
are you real?
or just a memory
come to life?
is this your way
of telling me
i'm not good enough?
or is it
just me
telling myself?
i am getting
show yourself
let me see
let me know
could it be true?
has my time passed?
tell me
touch me
do something
before the clock runs out
and it's too late
put out your hand
let me touch you
let me feel you
touching me
i need to know
if you're real
is it

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