Wednesday, June 5, 2013

the acme.

all together
at once
it happens
every sense
and sensitive
a welcome
showing you colors
you’ve never seen
a warm breath
in your ear
sends a bolt of electricity
down your spine
and out to every tip of you
soft lips on your neck
draw bumps on the skin
sounds with perfect tones
flood the heart with blood
and it may just pound
right out of your chest
sweat tastes sweet
scents embrace you
and you feel
so alive
it’s almost too much
but it’s just enough
there is no fear
there is no hatred
no thoughts
of yesterday
or tomorrow
pure life
true love
better than any dream
could ever be
more intense
and wonderful
than you ever thought
you could know
and although
we could live
in these moments
we all must go home
and as we head back
to the valley
to the static of life
that time creates
we are left
with the truth
of knowing
that this feeling
and the romantic hope
that we may
feel it

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