Monday, July 22, 2013


i saw you again
last night
in a dream
you were just
as beautiful
as you ever were
and i
was just
as ugly
i heard your voice
i could smell you
and i could swear
i saw colors
i don't know where
or when
it was
the only familiar
was that we were in
the same room
the only thing
that seemed real
was you
but i know better
i told you
that i love you
you tried
but you could not
say it to me
the same 
desperate feeling
i have
all the time
wanting you
needing you
knowing that
i cannot
and never will
have you
we never touched
not even one kiss
you smiled
i cried
and as i woke up
all that was real
were the tears
rolling from my eyes
and off of
my chin

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