Friday, September 13, 2013


thinking about how
i'm thinking too much
the reverb knob
in my mind
is turned all the way up
and days don't pass
the same
finding answers
and getting results
may not help at all
there is no closure
no one is innocent
there are no victims
just a large puzzle
this piece has sharp edges
if it doesn't fit
it will cut you
but we must try
it doesn't always work out
it cannot
it does not
our rights and wrongs
are neither
our dos and don'ts
will always change
and we are
no better or worse off
we just are
what we are
speaking in rhetoric
and living through it
delusions and
playing parts
based on
with no mirrors in sight
we are all the same
we are all
so different
we multiply
and divide
we give
and we take
we are born
all of us
so we run
until there is nothing left
we run
until we collapse
for the last time

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