Friday, January 3, 2014


staring at my enemy
in the mirror
i've avoided you
for so long
thanking the tears
for blurring my image
and trying to
protect me
from the shame
and all
that apologies
cannot fix
this uneasy feeling
i get at dusk
as the landscape changes
without me
my veins are tired
from all the bad blood
that passes through them
all that i could have
and should have done
and the chances
i will never have again
like footprints in sand
they are washed away
and it doesn't matter
i honestly never wanted more
than to be happy
and as i stripped away
the means
i learned the truth
and that
it just doesn't work
that way
when you smile
it makes me smile
but it is fleeting
and again
i find myself
lost in the desert
it doesn't have to be
this way

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