Monday, March 31, 2014


in my mind
my pockets are
turned out
i pawned my dreams
for rent
and electric bills
i have no more
good ideas
no more free wind
through my hair
no more trips
to distant lands
i wouldn't know
where to go
if i could
just name tags
and ugly black
leather shoes
fake smiling faces
smiling back at me
and i've conned myself
into caring
for so long
that perhaps
i actually do
small paychecks
big headaches
the luxury of sleep
that i can afford
i don't
and i haven't
for a long
long time
spending my last
few dollars
on poison
so many poisons
it makes no
they're all toxic
it's all toxic
and i'll only know
how fast it's been
killing me
at the end
and i'll wish
i had done it
it will be
too late

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