Wednesday, April 22, 2015


as we look
through these windows
the ones inside
we believe
that we are alone
but we know
that we aren't
trying to connect
in love
in hate
in our happiness
and even in our
spending our lives
searching for answers
that do not exist
to questions
that do not truly mean
and we wonder
how is this
the passing of time
it wears us down
and as we grow tired
and frustrated
we try not to care
we deny
we try to stop
we try to forget
we cut off
to protect ourselves
from ourselves
because sometimes
the pain is too much
and we need to survive
even if we don't
we need to
we know we must
the invisible enemies
inside of us
that we create
are killers
and at times
they hurt more
than knives
or fists
ever could

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