Wednesday, May 23, 2018

progressive lonliness.

i have issues
issues with issues
and even though it's old
and i am old
it never fades
and some things
never change
and no one cares
and i get it
because i want to not care
i don't know where i am
and each tide takes me
further out
into lostlessness
thinking i will die alone
will always hurt
it always hurts
knowing i will die alone
frees me from hurting you
because it's easier
if you don't love me
not for me
but for you
for sure
it's been so long
and the last time wasn't real
or so i was told
or so i remember
or so it seems now
things are passing by
and i am still clueless
i'm not sure if i can function
and perhaps
i am the last to know
being alone
might be the only thing
i am doing right

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