Tuesday, August 28, 2018

silent partner.

if only i knew you
but it's been so long
and i've spent so much time
trying to get to you
but there is only confusion
and pain
you seem afraid
and lost
and innocent
and guilty
you betray me
and i never understand why
you hurt me
and i can never tell
if you meant to
or not
or if you can even help it
you suffer
and i see no peace in your eyes
but you've learned to hide it
because no one can know
i don't think you even know
what you want
and perhaps you have never known 
but there is something
tearing at you
i am your passenger
so i too
am homeless
and lost
and without any permanence
we are out here
searching for something
but we have forgotten what
if we ever even knew
and we wouldn't know if we found it
because this is who we have become
i share this with you
this burden
this static life
and i don't even know
if you can be known at all
we are like ghosts
wandering together
hoping that someday
we find our place
and truly begin to live
and learn
who we are

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