Monday, March 7, 2011

where does it get you?

do you know right from wrong?
yeah, you do...
you can rationalize just about anything to make your life a little bit easier for the moment...
does it really work out?
nah, it doesn't, does it?
when you let the actions or gestures of another change the man or woman you are or want to be,
you have become controlled.
you have conformed.
you lose.
is it so tough not to let what "they" do - change you?
at times, yes, it is.
does it hurt?
but where does it get you?
you become what you despise.
you become less than what you are.
you sell yourself out - cheat yourself.
true strength rises above.
it's not how you fall...
it's how you stand back up that matters.

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