Wednesday, December 12, 2012

dodging bullets.

when we look
when we try to see
our lives
the ups
the downs
the in-betweens
the ruts
and those times
when we turn around
and the year has passed
it's all just an illusion
it's not real
you've seen it
the 40 year old man
or woman
who doesn't look it
then the 35 year old
who looks 50
but who's to say
what any age should "look" like?
cliches exist because we keep them alive
they are abstract
they can be applied
to so many situations
and seem so profound
that's why they are cliches
because they have lasted
through generations
of successes
and failures
but they are just words
nothing more
nothing more
crossroad after crossroad
we make choices
at times,
we don't even know it
but we do
wishing for death
to come during your sleep tonight
is a survival tactic
to make you feel better
until tomorrow
to most of us
life is a fight
and we keep losing
and losing
but we live
and it seems
that the stronger our desire
to expire
the longer we are destined
to live on
funny, isn't it?
and then
we turn corners
we see a light
a way
an answer
to something
and time churns on
this roller coaster
will not stop
no matter what
while you and i breathe
and as easy as death can be
you and i
are alive
dodging bullets
of so many kinds
of course
it's not easy
not by any means
but we are here
what do we do now?

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