Saturday, December 15, 2012

damn tonight, damn this whole year.

i don't care who knows
and i don't care what anyone thinks
except a few
i've been to the edge
in fact...
i've fallen over
and been hanging
by breaking fingernails
only to either
crawl my way back onto the ledge
or be pulled back up
by someone i love
i don't want
or need
or even your empathy
i'm just saying
i've been there
turning 41 soon
started promising careers
that didn't work out
two marriages
one in young
crazy days
but there was love
one a bit later
and man...
did i love that gal...
but so what?
they are over now
and gone.
no more grandparents
no father
my mother
i love her
but she is struggling
a lot like i am
no one but a few
friends that are
as much my family
as anyone could be
like you
and you
i've made mistakes
and i do have regrets
but this is not the point...
when life is at it's peak
up or down
good or bad
we tend to live in the moment
as... i feel
it should be
but what do i know?
i'm just another
another broken down,
but still living, man
like so many of you
but i am not afraid
to let you know
to tell you more
than just the good
or cool things
i've done and seen
i've spent more time
on the floor
than i ever did standing
and it doesn't matter
because all attempts to reach out
are painful
because everyone has a life
with all it's failures
and troubles
i know this sounds
and feeble
but i don't care
it's how i feel

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