Monday, February 11, 2013

yeah yeah yeah.

the truth
yeah yeah yeah...
the truth.
the same simple word
i've used for decades
yet so much still eludes
the truth is
i am in turmoil.
and knowing that i am
to even be alive
though wonderful
doesn't solve the problems
in my head
i miss things
real things
things that breathe
things that loved me
plus another thing
i have the best friend
i could ever hope to have
so many times
he has saved me
it's not what you may think
i am so grateful
more so than i can ever express to him
but it doesn't stop all the bleeding inside
in time
i hope it will
but time can really hurt
we know this
we have to suffer
to get
we get older
we realize that there are no
perfectly green pastures
over four decades
of life
i know this
but that does not mean
that complete unhappiness
is all we get
we hurt
we die slowly
but we don't always
have to feel that way
i am trying
i am reaching
i am sticking to my beliefs
i don't care who
thinks i may be
a liar
or even manipulative
i know it isn't true
it's their problem
and as much as i wish
it wasn't so
i don't have much say over that
i am guilty
just like you
because we're not perfect
and we never will be
at the same time
we are all perfect
we are perfectly who we are
we all trip and fall
and make mistakes
and we don't know what to do next
or how to deal with
how we feel
and riding it out
gets old
and really hurts
all the time
even when we realize
that this is how we have to do it
don't be afraid to cry out
don't be afraid to trust
don't be afraid to
just don't

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