Monday, October 21, 2013


outside the gates
where it is dark
and cold
and damp
is where we stand
there is no shelter
and it is dirty
this is where we belong
with broken nails
and broken teeth
holes in our clothes
and empty bellies
every breath is real
we stand
back to back
to protect
what little we have
we work hard
for every penny
and everything costs
more than we've got
we're slipping
but we're not
giving up
we've survived this long
with only hope
of one more day
and as each comes
we turn more
but we smile
and we laugh
and it means
because at least
it's for real

1 comment:

  1. That's really good. I envy your ability to finish what you started (being open hearted, sorry had to do the GB reference) everytime I start writing I either a:get distracted by shiny things or B: become so frustrated I don't finish! I suck!;) I could only log in as anon but this I think were facebook friends my name is Carrie-nell Dasa