Thursday, October 24, 2013

the ugly ones.

we cry alone.
so no one sees.
we hope no one knows.
but we do.
we know.
it's our hope
that hurts so much.
it's our dreams
that we didn't choose
that burn us
and crack our hearts open
and shatter us on the floor.
we know each other.
the thread is sown
through all of us.
we are
the marked
and the broken.
we will find love.
we will feel safe.
we will live.
we believe
through it all
that our time
will come.
we smile
from our hearts
and we feel it
in our souls.
the ugly ones
will live
in a world
meant for us.
in a world
that loves us.
in a world
that cares.
in a world
where we can be
just who we are.

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