Saturday, January 8, 2011

Getting Itchy.

You know how it feels when you want to express yourself with more than just words written, spoken... gestured? When you know that there is another way? When that want becomes an unfulfilled need? It is torture.

Every emotion... all at once... all together...

Spending more than half your life with it still in your belly, through all the adrenalin filled moments... and all the quiet, motionless ones? Having tried to give it up, hopelessly, over and over and over again...?

Through sanity, insanity... consciouncness, semi-consciouncness, unconsciouncness?? 

Still... there...

Almost as if it's waiting inside of you. Stubborn. Whispering to you in the most gentle of voices just how much of your mind and heart it will take to rip from your very soul?

My cries for liberation age me... while fueling the fire of my youth. 
Pushing. Pulling. Tension.

My own hands holding on so tightly. 
I just want to let go...

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