Tuesday, May 8, 2012


we believe
that we are so different
from each other
forming opinions
making assumptions
based on superficial
specs of time
so different
we claim that we can't even
understand each other
it is that very track of thought
that blinds us
from the most obvious traits
that make us the same
when we fight,
scream and yell
and break things
that is our spirit
our "soul"
working to vent
the anger and hated out
and when we swoon
and kiss
beg and plead for forgiveness
and understanding
when we get on our knees
smile and profess how much we care
that is our spirit and soul
working to keep love in
and protect it
from the most passive
to the most agressive
we're all doing the same things
for the same reasons
albiet - in different ways
but it makes us the same
more so than we think
and that is just the beginning
of how connected
we truly are.

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