Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zen point pt.1

as random as life is
and as selective as our memory
has become
how can anyone say
or even think
that they know what may or may not happen
we live and think on patterns
and Pavlovian triggers
this is why
we are so often
so frustrated
and confused
even shocked at times
at just how a "normal" day's events
turn out
we will "guess" correctly
and we get the entitlement
of being able to say
"i knew it!"
but in reality
even living in the present
and trying to understand
is challenging enough
to speak is if we know
at times
the only way to remain
in what little control
we may actually have
to have some confidence
that all we have seen
and done
has taught us something
given us at least
a little wisdom
earned us a little respect
although it truly
doesn't matter at all
it helps us relate
that is important
to connect with others
helps when we can
share experiences
as hazy as they may be
the feelings
help us identify
with one another
our perception may
replace our reality
most of the time
but we remember feelings
we can identify with feelings
we can communicate with feelings
because they simply inhabit us
no thought needed
no re-creation of scenarios
no predictions
trying to live in the now
is the first step
this is where
Zen philosophy
strikes me the deepest...

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