Wednesday, January 9, 2013

loss of control.

the effects people have
on each other
their faces and their movements
and the way they make each of us
some will say
it's all you
it's in your head
it's based on your level
of insecurity
even admiration
but it's not all you
or me
within the confines of the spaces
we find ourselves in
sometimes with those of our choosing
sometimes not
there is more communication going on
then could ever be spoken
monologues and dialogues
inside and outside
within ourselves
and with others
the faces you see
and the faces i see
are not the same
each is an image
based both on our own
and the scenarios
that transpire.
at times
during these relationships,
it hurts
it causes stress
and frustration
and confusion
and we want answers
we want to understand
because our logical mind
is telling us
that this means so little
it tells you to be
just you
and the more we try
the harder it gets
no one wants to feel
like anyone else has control
over their thoughts
or feelings
in some cases,
even their lives
fear and desperation
turmoil and chaos
caused by another
just another one
the best choice
is to simply
leave the room
and not return

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