Sunday, November 3, 2013

hide and seek.

endless nights
all in my head
but it feels so real
i can tell myself
over and over
that it is not
it never helps
i am thrown
into darkness
and i can't find my way out
i cannot see
it's as if my eyes
are sown shut
who did this to me?
i did
it was me all along
i am running for my life
i turn a corner
and try to hide
but i am always found
there is never enough time
because i am chasing myself
like it's my shadow
catching up with me
there is no one else
the streets are empty
and i have never seen this city before
i am lost
but i keep running
somehow thinking
i can get away
but i'm never fast enough
no time to get tired
cannot give up
i run and run
hoping i won't get caught
before i wake up

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