Sunday, November 10, 2013

tears of a ghost.

i am trying to
your voice
your smile
your scent
but nothing's working
and even though
i am dying inside
it's not because
i don't love you
it's because i know
that you have forgotten
about me
i haven't heard from you
and i am in
but it's clear
and so
so obvious
that it isn't because
you're too busy
or that you are shy
it's because
you don't want
to talk to me
you don't want
anything to do
with me
and though it makes
perfect sense
i am not ready
to believe it
i am a fool
as i always was
and will always be
when it comes to you
and missing you
has become
a way of life
for me
and it still hurts
as much as ever
but it's ok
because even though
i could die with a smile
if it were in your arms
not hearing the truth
from your lips
keeps this love
and rather than fall
into the silent
of a true
final moment
i'd prefer to stay
in my fantasy of you
because at least there
i can hold you
in my arms

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