Tuesday, June 19, 2012

burning and learning.

if i could know
just where you come from
would it help me see
where you're going?
and here
face to face
i can feel the judgement in your eyes
as if you know
where i am from
or better
where i am
peering through these windows
i can't help but see
for no reason
as i have nothing
of any use to you
yet i see you burning
before me
forgive me
for this comes as no surprise
nor is it difficult
to recognize
wouldn't mind learning
we ended up
in this space
with this tension
warping and twisting
the air around us
like alchemists
shaping and creating
myth and lore
as i am truthful
i must say
i have no judgement
nor contempt
ripping and slicing
through this thick air
i feel nothing
and as i watch you
this boiling point
i find it plainly
and although
i may not actually be
learning anything
doesn't matter
because it is not me
who is appearing
to be attempting
to make a point
and as you grow
more and more red
i will
very simply

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