Friday, June 8, 2012

talk talk talk

rich man, poor man
blue or white
it's all just talk
we all talk
from the fronts
and the sides
of our mouths
and behind backs
out of our mouths
and into the ears
of the right
and the wrong
with no points
that can be truly
it's all just talk
it isn't real
until we hear it
but no...
even then
it isn't real
opinions and criticisms
were we trying to help
or hurt?
the real question is:
does it ever matter
the fall or the rise
the lift or the drop
you and i
will feel it
over and over again
and sometimes
we take it to heart
but it's all just talk
and it will never stop
so get used to it
get used to it
until it becomes
what it really is...
nothing at all.

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