Wednesday, June 13, 2012

suffer the living pt.2

this feeling is
consuming me
these thoughts are
overwhelming me
i'm going through it
another episode
even if i wore armor
it wouldn't be enough
as if it's inhaled
and there is
no escape
reading to find remedies
or writing out for therapy
it must run it's course
i fall
just as we all do
and i don't want to face it
any more than you do
self doubt
and confusion
and illusion
nothing's happening
but still
it's engulfing
the harder i fight
the more it burns
so i let go
no matter how i choose
to approach it
it pains me
did nothing to deserve it
did nothing to provoke it
or so i thought
but that never made
 any difference
and it never will
it isn't good
or bad
it's both
and it's neither
at the same time
no action
no reaction
just the current
of time and thought
and the way things go
throughout time
can only get used to so much
but it mutates to survive
and have it's effect
if there is a reason
it's unknown
at least to me
all i can do
is recognize it's presence
and deal with it
how i choose
and although
this time
i have chosen
not to put up a fight
it still finds it's way
to seep into me
knowing the futility
of fighting this infection
changes very little
i am forced
to ride out the storm
and if it should
if something should
take my breath
that may be the only way
not to see
and feel it through
until it isn't anymore
this fact is faced
so suffer i will
with nothing more
than the solace of knowing
that sooner or later
this too
shall pass

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