Tuesday, June 26, 2012

well hello again.

yes, you
i can see you
i can feel you
you are always here
no matter
where we stand
no matter
where we lay our heads down
you may have doubts
but you know the truth
you know who i am
and how i feel
that has never changed
you know it
you believe
i know you do
and you know
so much
so much more
than you want to think about
you know that i meant
every word
you know that i would always
be there
and that i would stay close
for as long as i breathe
and not because
of a promise
or because it is right
but for the simple reason
that i would want to
if we were truly free
i wonder...
if all the doors
blew off
and all the walls
and there was nothing left
in the way
what would happen?
i can only speak for myself
and i will do just that
because i always want you to know
and you know that
and if it's worth anything at all
this warms my heart
to think of
to feel this way
even tonight
even without knowing
where your mind
or heart
truly is
thank you

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