Thursday, January 24, 2013

out cold out in the cold.

what do i know?
i've lost all consciousness
long ago
and many
many times...
who's to say
that i could even think straight?
for a day...
or at all for that matter
my reality
seems so unreal at times
that i cannot even
maintain belief
of whether
am i
that good
caring man
that i believe i am.
am i?
or am i completely insane...
and completely wrong?
when some
who have claimed love
burn my guts out
with their eyes...
their words...
when i cannot figure
what does that mean?
is it more
than a mistake i made?
not knowing what i've done
tears me apart
and even then
i am still left with no answers
only a question...
am i a good man
or a bad man?

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