Tuesday, July 17, 2012

choose your pain.

hatred hurts
we hate
what we cannot
what we cannot
figure out
hatred is the cop out
to trying
to learning
to understanding
yet love...
hurts even more
we don't give up so easily
we want to understand
we want to know
we want to believe
does it exist?
can it exist?
day in
day out
we fight
within ourselves
struggling to
find out
all the while
the cynicism
that fills air around us
"if it seems too good to be true,
then it must be"
but we don't want to believe that
we want to defy the odds
we want to believe
that love is real
and we want to feel it
but it is hard
to keep the walls down
and the doors open
to be vulnerable
is the more difficult path
and if it doesn't pay off
we begin the process
of hatred
i find it funny
in the saddest of ways
that the popular
most practiced belief
is the opposite
of what seems so clear
to me
living in a box
is no life i wish to lead
letting any and every
force the walls in
even closer
until there is no room left
not even for ourselves
i turned my brick walls
into paper ones
and broke through them
a long time ago
and though tonight
i sit alone
i wouldn't trade the experiences
i've had
for anything in this world
i still believe
i know it's out there
the fact that we will all
will not change
but it is us
who decides
it is us
who have the power to choose
what we will suffer for
for me
the choice is clear
and obvious
i will suffer for love.

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