Wednesday, July 25, 2012


the truth
we are seekers
of the truth
even though
at times
we don't really want to know
but we cannot stand
not to
so we push
and pull
and take it on
the endeavor
to find out
no one wants to be left out
in the dark
we search for light
we want to see
we want to know
we need to know
these questions
and doubts
they chew away
in our bellies
tearing us apart
breaking us down
for me
it's not wanting to miss out
on something
and meaningful
i don't like to waste time
i like to spend it
and if i can know
i can act
good or bad
i want resolution
i want to keep moving
kills me slowly
and regardless
of how tough life can be
i want to live
i want to see
as much as i can
can i do more?
of course i can
can i explore more options than i do?
but we all have restraints
situations and responsibilities
that slow us down
put up roadblocks
and detours
in the road
we wish was open
with no limits
but that is simply
not in our reality
take the chances you can afford
and take them
because some of these chances
may not come again
for a long time
if at all
i am afraid
i have reservations
i have doubts
"will this take me to a better place?"
"or will it take me down?"
but we will never know
unless we take
leaps of faith
i want to know
so badly
what i may or may not be capable of
and as i grow older
the days
the months
the years
they seem to pass faster
and faster
so i try
to grab on
and hold on
not only to what matters
and has mattered for so many years
but also
to what may be
to what may exist out here
for me
this enthusiasm
is not constant
like you
at times
i want to hide under the sheets
and face nothing
but that is just a day
here and there
and maybe
we need that "break"
from time to time
in this world
at this time
it is hard
to keep our PMA
but i feel
we must try
things change
they always do
and they always will
is out of our control
nothing stays the same
but we have more power
than we sometimes believe we do
i am telling you
because wherever
and whoever you are
i care
and it doesn't matter
if we've met
a thousand times
or just once
you are special
and you are no one
just like me
but your impact
has been felt
by others
regardless of how
insignificant you believe you may be
you matter
the outside world
will always effect us
but we can see through
and be who we are
please believe me
because we are the same
we are all connected
more than you or i know
remain a seeker
of the truth
the truth
that lies
inside of you
and the truth
to be found in this life
because you deserve it
and because
it will bring us together
more so
than you or i could
possibly imagine

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