Tuesday, July 31, 2012


what if you're wrong?
all these thoughts
gut instincts
that you are so sure about
these images
that have transformed
into your reality...
so often
we tend to see past
any sort of
reasonable doubt
but what can we know
beyond any reasonable doubt
in our everyday lives?
and if you always know
what will happen next
next week
next year
the next time
then you are boring
because you'll never
to anything
but it's all lies
lies to yourself
lies about your whole entire life
you believe you can see through me?
you can't even see the wall
you're about to walk straight into
the best part is
it doesn't matter
and still
you have something
to prove
but that something
is nothing at all
and deep down inside
you know it
you're hiding
but i can see you
and so can everyone else
it's so clear
so why do it?
trying to make sense
of the senseless?
because we believe
it gives us some control
but it doesn't
not at all
but rather
it just
tightens the blinders
as we hone our skill
of avoidance
and apathy
i ask you:
what do you want?
do you even know?
if you don't ease back
you may never know
and that makes you
even more boring still
there's always an excuse
there's always an angle
that makes you feel safe
and justified
so you react
by trying not to react
it's easier to give up
fuck up
and ditch out
do you truly believe
it scars you less?
i'm sorry
but i will never believe that
all those things you do
that you would never really do
to make your quick
and seemingly less painful
to relieve yourself
of the burden
of caring
will not kill you
they have killed you
in your mind
since you know it all
your life has been lived
it's been over
for a long time
and now 
you are just coasting on rails
what will it take
to wake you up?
what will it take
to get yourself
in motion
and see what you've got?
show me
show somebody
most of all
show yourself
that you aren't just a shell
long vacated

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