Wednesday, July 11, 2012


we take them
we make them
whether we want to
or not
we have to deal with them
and the politics
these crooked beliefs
that someone debated
to somehow make sense
to someone
sometimes to you
sometimes to me
lean the scales
of our decisions
just how much time
do you or i have
to make the right decisions
sometimes you must act
without thought
even when your heart
is in the right place
the involvement of others
effect the outcomes
of our choices
most of us
aren't instinctually out
to hurt another
but it happens
doesn't it?
we make choices
that we dread
having to live with
but we make them nonetheless
no choice
no time
no other options
sometimes we prevail
sometimes we slip
and take a nasty fall
we can only prepare so much
for what we think
we may have to encounter
and it stings
and we want to go back
and react differently
but we cannot
is it too late
damage insues
we break things
we never wanted to break
and then
they are gone forever
most of the time
these "cat-like" reflexes
we wish to possess
we never will
you will screw up
so will i
it happens to everyone
all the time
without reason
without warning
without any control
we can practice
we can attempt
to have forsight
it helps
but it is no failsafe
this is not meant to
be negative
or positive
it is merely
an observation
within myself
over many many years
i believe
the very best way
to deal with it
is to come to terms with it
you will never be perfect
not to anyone else
not in your own mind
not in this lifetime
realize this
and it helps you let go
helps you
not think so damn much
about everything
maybe we can
make our daily decisions
with clearer thought
and maybe
just maybe
we can stay upright
just a little more often

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  1. Crying is all right in its own way while it lasts. But you have to stop sooner or later, and then you still have to decide what to do.

    ― C.S. Lewis