Friday, August 24, 2012

getting lost.

how much of what you say
do you actually mean?
how much is real?
i know
it's hard
to be honest
all the time...
after mistake...
how many apologies
will you make?
which is easier?
i know
you don't always
mean harm
if at all
but hiding behind the belief
that you just don't want
to cause pain,
makes very little sense.
the truth most often hurts
more than it doesn't
and i know
you are stronger than that
i have to think
that you simply
don't see it.
you've gotten too used
to taking the easy way
but it isn't any easier...
this is why
you always seem
and confused
take time and think
of what you're doing.
this will not change
by itself.
it takes effort.
it takes strength.
you've got it,
so do it.
do you really want to know
what's happening around you?
do you really want to find out
how much control you have
over your own life?
practice brings improvement.
why do you think
that you must take
what you want?
when you can simply be honest
and sincere
and ask for it...
earn it...
it's not the world who's against you
it's you.
it is you.
no excuses.
no paranoid reasons.
i may know very little,
but this is simple.
keep wasting your breath
instead of using it,
and you'll continue to lose
and your life.

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