Saturday, August 25, 2012


you told me that i am
you looked right into my eyes
you meant it.
i know.
you loved me.
i also know
even now
that you may not love me
i can still feel
the warmth
i remember
the feeling
it meant more to me
than anything
because i loved you also
and because of that
i still love you
i always have
i always will
because you weren't just talking
about my eyes
or my lips
you saw inside of me
when i asked you:
"what is beautiful about me?"
you replied,
i never thought i would hear those words
from someone
so special to me
in my heart
in my soul
you were
and you meant it
i've never thought i was anything
but a struggling
weathered man
like any other
it is true
i love you
i would have done
for you
i still would
you saw me
you see me
you know me
and though
i feel like the ugliest man
you made me feel
as if i had done right
as if all i've stood for
my whole life
meant something after all
i knew exactly what you meant
it doesn't matter what happened
it doesn't matter where you are now
i will always feel you
your spirit
your words
they weren't simply heard
they were felt
and i haven't been the same since
and i never will be
if i'm fortunate
maybe someone will
see me like that again
like the way you saw me
the way you felt me
i still feel ugly
but that's ok
because that doesn't mean
it doesn't take away
who i am
i remember how i felt
when i told you that you were
i meant it every time
i still mean it
this entire story
is not as it reads
it's more than these words
these simple words
-read between these lines-
don't be afraid
this beauty
this ugliness
are the same
there is beauty
in the ugliness of life
and ugliness
in the beauty
but the look in your eyes
the warmth of  your smile
i will always feel
no matter how ugly
i believe myself to be

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