Thursday, August 16, 2012

i believe.

i believe in many things.
i believe in many people.
but my belief
is built
on hope.
i have hope
for you.
for me.
for us.
i've had experiences
that although can never be
remembered with precise accuracy
that have nonetheless given me hope.
i have friends
that keep me alive
and have kept me alive
in the past.
they give me hope.
i've been in love
and felt so loved
that i could barely believe
that it could possibly be real.
but it was.
it can happen again.
i believe.
i have hope.
things will never be
as they were.
i believe that they can be
even better.
my hope and my belief
are one and the same.
can you truly say,
and mean it, 
that nothing is shocking anymore?
how could you?
none of us could ever know.
but i refuse to be bitter.
i refuse to be jaded.
i will never give up
i believe that if we keep our eyes
our ears
our hearts
we find what we believe in.
we can have pure hope.
of course,
we see a lot of heartache
and pain,
those things are
but those things
cannot break my belief
everything comes.
everything goes.
sometimes they leave you behind.
sometimes you go with them.
but there is always change
there always will be
through your own eyes
you can either be
or see what's happening in there.
i won't let
that one step back
that i am forced to take
while i am constantly trying to move
effect my hope.
i won't cheat myself
or you
by letting that happen.
i believe in love.
i believe in chances.
i believe that great things happen
if you truly want them to
regardless of the setbacks that occur.
my eternal hope
keeps me believing.
i hope you feel the same.
because i believe in you.

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