Sunday, August 19, 2012

ideology pt.1

you and i
all of us
we are
the same
with all of our differences
and conflicts
our alliances
our wars
our celebrations
our work
and our rest
we share.
you will never see
what i see
but you will always
what i
what we
our desire
our pure desire
is for the discovery
of the knowledge
that we wish
not just to find
but to understand
to realize
though we live
in an oppressive
and confusing world
inside ourselves
and outside on the streets
reading this
i hope
that you are
you will never be
your fire
burns like mine
your pain
hurts like mine
even without your name
i know you
you know me
no matter
if we have spoken,
no matter
if we have shared space,
we are together.
stoke the fire inside
keep it burning
find your way
to express
who you are
what you are
never believe
that you are no one
never believe
that you are someone either
you are
that's all
we are
that's it.
we use the same words
the same numbers
regardless of the tongue
regardless of the shapes
of the characters...
always be searching
always know
that your struggle
is our struggle
we are this world
we are this soul
we are this spirit
we are together

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