Saturday, September 1, 2012

new sun, new stars.

about that skinned knee
about that failed love
about how sick you felt
that time
back then
go on
try to forget
believe it or not
you have forgotten
now it's just a story
a tale
not much more than a myth
because memory is shaped
and re-shaped
by your outlook on it
the accuracy will never be on
hazy at very best
and as one-sided as could possibly be
seems easy,
doesn't it?
but it isn't
these images shape
how we act
who we think we are
where we go
who we trust
who we don't
not in the sense of
malicious thoughts and actions
but as in
false truths
if we give in
it will age us even faster
when i look into the sky
be it day or night
i can think to myself
about how the sun
is the sun
and the stars are aligned
and that every time
they are the same...
they aren't.
i see with new eyes
each and every time
it's night now
i am inside
and i look forward
to seeing the sun
for the first time
because at that moment
it will be the only time
i am seeing it
and the stars tomorrow evening
and the next day
and the next night
and on
and on
do you get it?

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