Friday, September 28, 2012


they say in life:
it's "easy come & easy go"
and that
"good things come to those who wait"
but then they say
"gotta hold onto what you have"
"if you want something in life,
you have to seize the day"

"they" always seem to have an answer,
don't they?
an opinion on just how i should
live my life
learning lessons from a book of cliches
learning life from a "hand me down" phrase

but that's not the way for me

"time flies when you're having fun"
"good things never last" (never last! - ode to Insted)
although they may seem true at times
remember that a "line" is just a "line"
not a formula or philosophy
or a blueprint for you to follow.

live life your way
live today
not how other people say.

(lyrics i wrote when i was lucky enough to be writing, recording & playing
with Where Fear And Weapons Meet - this was always the song i
was most proud of "lyrically" on the Unstoppable cd we released on
Triple Crown Records in around 2001)

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  1. The Weapon is STILL one of my favorite groups. They shed a light on the good ole days- my brother and I hanging out non-stop together, going to shows, taking risks, and doing whatever the fuck we wanted to do. Yeah... LIVING LIFE. Now we're just trying to keep our heads above the water, and trying to hold on to the things we love (choke hold lol). This is a great lyric. You rule Tim. WFAWM!!! Your Friend, Amy Lou