Wednesday, September 12, 2012

threshold of capabilities.

limits and boundaries
set within our
and unconscious minds
what can i do?
what have i done?
each experience
creates new capabilities
good and bad
helpful and harmful
new... skills
for lack of better terms
regardless of outcomes
be it pain
or joy
thinking about doing something
and seeing it through
are, of course,
very different
once we have taken something
that is not ours to take...
once we have stolen
we now have the ability
to steal
once we have cheated
we now have the skill
to cheat
once we have performed
before a group of people
we now are able to do it
no matter how hard it was
or what the result was
we have crossed
a threshold of capabilities
and our skillset is ever-growing
from the smallest of achievements
to the most undesirable of actions
until we are cut down
steal bread with your right hand,
get caught,
and have your right hand chopped off...
you will never steal bread
with your right hand again
but the ability to use your left
lesson learned
or not
it is now in your arsenal
because it isn't about thinking
it's about feeling
or the building of
self confidence
some would never do
what i've done
what you've done
but everyone
will do
what they will do
it's the same
of the threshold to cross
and the cross to bare
that comes along with it,
you and i will cross them.
in this way,
amongst so many others,
we are all the same.
all of us.
control is limited
because one thing
that will never change
is that things
and life
will always change
and even if we were
to stand completely still
our entire lives
we will cross thresholds
gain capabilities
there is no stopping it
refuse it or embrace it
doesn't matter...
except in one way:
we will be
more often than
or the other way around...
the question is
and always is:
what will we do
with these abilities
that we will acquire
whether we wish to
or not?
and although this would take
lifetimes to answer
as we live
in this here
and this now
it is shaping
the man
or woman
we aspire to be.
in this,
we do have choices
i try to choose as wisely as i can
but if i think too much
i will not live as much
by making decisions
about who i am
about who i wish to be
and living by them
it seems to help me
more often than not
keep my skills
my abilities
more within my grasp
as we constantly
and consistently
cross these
thresholds of capabilities.

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