Thursday, September 27, 2012

reasons and excuses.

the pressure was too much
because you decided it was
but was it?
as i saw you struggle through
i watched you
i was there
for some...
giving up
and making excuses
is easy
for others
it isn't
the outcome is yours alone
the results are on you
reasons are one thing
they make sense
but excuses...
excuses are begging
for validity
lack of confidence
low self esteem
downright getting yourself involved
in something you couldn't handle
are much more easily
things go wrong sometimes
reasons make more sense
can't you tell
when you are using
excuses or reasons?
i can.
it's crystal clear to me
and what is said
is usually not
what gives it away
it's how it's said.
and i can tell the difference.
most of us can.
and it's always
one or the other
a reason
or an excuse
to escape
to be forgiven
to boost your bruised ego
you know the truth
you know the truth
and day after day
it may go unsaid
but you know
and you know that i know
my acceptance...
shouldn't mean shit to you
my respect...
now that's another story
i want yours
i would hope you'd want mine
i'm not saying
that you should watch what you say
or in any way
not be yourself
i accept you for you
i respect you as a man
as a woman
as a person
and i don't get mad easily
quite a bit more often
because i like to think
more of you than you think
at times
more of you
than you even do.
i can't tell you what to say
how to act
how to feel
it's not my place
and i wouldn't dare
i just hope
and i really mean it...
i hope
you'll make the right decisions
you already know what they are...
what's it gonna be

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