Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the low end.

when our dreams appear
and it's not just our backs
but our fronts
against the wall
as well
it is so easy
to lose hope
to give in
when all our trying
is thrown back at us
with the most extreme
what goes through our minds?
it's over...
we know it isn't...
but we can't help ourselves
we are hurting
we are in pain
we are tired
we don't know what to do next
and all we can think about
is how we feel right now
and we don't want to hear
about tomorrow
our faith falls into
and we find ourselves
in the low end.
cold streets
and dark, damp
eerie lighting
seem to follow us
everywhere we go
we close our eyes
perhaps drift into a dream
and it's still there
all of us
we question:
"i don't want this"
"i don't like this"
"i can't stand this
for another moment"
but then another moment passes
and we are still here
is it really that cosmic?
and all the sense that can be made
still makes none
we're not even falling at this point
we're just hanging
in the low end
of our minds
of our lives
and it feels like
we are wrapped
from head to toe
in this old, but strong rope
and we can't move
and each decision
seems like our very last
and pointless, at that...
where do we go
and what do we do?
like you,
i haven't a clue...
the only thing i do know
is that i have felt this before
and that it changes
it changes
we try to look back
and we almost have to laugh
at the state we were in
its like cutting your hair off
then after a few days
you can't really imagine it
the way it was...
we have to go through it
because we do
as ridiculous as it seems
isn't it strange
how we survive?
not all of us do
but you
reading this
have indeed continued
to survive
through so many times
of not wanting to
we're still here
one simple point:
you are never alone
even when you are
and helplessly
the low end

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