Friday, September 7, 2012

rise and fall.

the nature of things
this ever-changing set
of do's and don'ts
the haves and have nots 
yours and mine
the rights and wrongs
the goods and bads
what causes one to respect one
and not another?
if i treat you the same
where does your judgement come from
when compared to another's?
is it me?
is it you?
or is it...
when and how
and why
you and i act
when pushed
when embraced
when afraid
when brave
how much is real
how much is decided
i drop my arms
i drop my head
the spinning comes and goes
i think too much
then... not enough
who can remain
as we drift in and out
of our bliss
and our shattering realities
i owe you nothing
you owe me nothing
but a common respect
that has become more uncommon
than i ever hoped it would
i've always believed
that you can get what you give
even though
things are not always fair
i've always believed
in trying
to do what i think is right
i know i am not alone
not only in this belief
but in knowing
that i fail
i break down
i fall like a porcelain figurine
and shatter into a million pieces
could i be completely wrong?
i know i am
as i am swept up
and glued back together
never to be the same again
the only thing pure
is this impurity
and i am guilty
and innocent
all at once
at this very moment
we get back up
until we cannot
any longer.
we never get the chance
to say goodbye
to say we're sorry.
what we mean to do
and what happens
is always different
because the future is so unknown
whether it's next year
next week
five minutes from now
or even the next word
you read
thunderstorms and droughts
we walk through deserts
and rain forests
facing perils
and opportunities
evil and love
and everything in between
yet we continue
to step
because it's all we know.
all of the common sense
you may have
all of the experience
you have accumulated
means nothing
as you and i face
the strongest will fall
the weakest will rise
all of us
no exceptions
what we want
changes faster
than we can attain it
and thus
our steps
become a stumble
we are caught
and sometimes
we collapse
and regardless
it will happen
again and again
until we breathe no longer
the rise and fall
of you

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