Saturday, September 22, 2012

breaking boxes.

as long as you have
keep fighting
not with your fists
with your spirit
with your soul
is more liberating
more venting
than any punch
you could ever land
i gave up trying
to be like you
many years ago
more importantly
i gave up on trying
to make you be like me
as well.
i care
i respect
i love you
as you are
as you truly are
some will never show
who they truly are
and that
is sad
not pathetic
but sad because
they live in a box
that they may never
be able to emerge from
i am true
and i am real
and i am fine with the fact
that you may not like me
because at least i know
that you don't like me
at least i know
that you like or don't like
the real me
i don't live in a box
it's not for me
if you do
and your little box
that gets ever smaller
is comfortable
by all means
stay there
i can respect that
i am no better
and i am no worse
i may just be
a little different than you
and there is nothing wrong with that
if you are suffering
in that little box
then i feel bad for that
you should not have
to live that way
too many people do
stuck in lives
that they can barely stand
caught in traps
that they can't imagine
how to escape from
it's not easy
to let go
i know
believe me
i know
we all know
nothing is easy
and the common
easy path
just gets harder
and harder
because it isn't real
it has now become
a horrifying game
i want to see us all
but i know
this wish cannot come true
but when i see you
the real you
the truth
my faith remains
that you and i
can get where we need to go
where we want to go
and see exactly where
we are
not expecting anything from tomorrow
or feeling suspect of the past
nothing will ever happen again
and we cannot predict
the future
i feel alive this way
no box for me
the lights are on
and i will fight
to keep seeing
right here
this moment
and every moment
that my lungs
draw breath
 and my heart
pumps blood.

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